Marina di Ascea
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The municipality of Ascea with its districts Marina di Ascea, Mandia, Catona and Terradura lies in the heart of the Cilento. Bathing resort Marina di Ascea is famous for its kilometers of sandy beach and the excavations of the ancient Greek town of Elea. In the hinterland, old olive trees define the landscape.

Bathing pleasure
at Marina di Ascea

Marina di Ascea, located at the end of the valley of Velia, with its 7 km of fine sandy beach and the attractive scogliera at its southern end is a very well-known seaside resort. Outside the holiday months of July and August, you have got large sections of the beach almost to yourself.

Insiders’ tip for those who spend their holidays at one of the holiday accommodations we arrange for at Marina di Ascea: To the south, near the scogliera and right at the sandy beach, small, family-run restaurants serve delicious pasta with fresh fish. Stop by and taste the exquisite “spaghetti alle vongole”, for example!


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Old Greek town of Velia
Ancient "Elea"

The town of Ascea is known above all for the excavations of the former Greek town of Elea (today: Velia), which dates back to the 6th century BC. Ancient Elea enjoyed fame and reputation due to the school of philosophy (“Eleatic School”) which was not only located, but had also been founded there. Its main representatives Parmenides and Zeno (of Elea) are regarded as the intellectual pioneers of the classical Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle; amongst others they taught the spherical shape of the earth.

For the tour around the excavation site, which follows old Via Porta Rosa, you should count about 2 – 3 hours. Apart from town gate Porta Rosa, it is above all Torre di Sanseverino as part of the acropolis which is regarded as the landmark of today’s excavation site.

Hinterland of the Cilento
A tip for hikers

Marina di Ascea is a perfect starting point for hiking tours into the Cilento hinterland. A hike through the green valley of Velia and across the hamlet of Santa Maria takes you to the remote mountain villages of Ceraso, Santa Barbara and Terradura. Ancient olive groves define the scenery of that untouched cultural landscape. The circular hiking tour takes you through the medieval main village of Ascea back to Marina.

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