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Small Agropoli ca. 60 km south of Salerno is a town you should not miss out on.

The town, which counts about 20,500 inhabitants, is found in impressive location on a promontory where the Cilento coast starts.

Impressive location
in the northern Cilento

The name of Agropoli, which means “high town”, dates back to the Byzantines, who built a fortification in this place around 500 AD. Its location on the steeply dropping headland offered excellent protection against raids. Evidence of the fact that the town was even in the hands of the Saracens for some time is still found today in the minaret-form of some of the houses’ chimneys.

Feel the breath of the past during your stay at one of the holiday accommodations we arrange for at Agropoli!


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Old Town
with picturesque alleys

“Porta Aragonese”, the 17th century town gate, marks the entrance into the charming Old Town of Agropoli with its appealing, picturesque small alleys. The coat of arms of the noble Sanfelice family, once masters of the town, adorns this striking gate with five pinnacles.

Below Porta Aragonese lies Piazza Vittorio Veneto, designed in the 19th century and lined by lovely cafés and bars. Following the winding roads up to the highest point of the medieval town, you pass rustic trattorias and, at the end of your walk, you are rewarded with a terrific panorama.

At the highest point you have then also reached medieval, 15th century Castello Angioino Aragonese, which was built on the remains of a heathen temple. Nowadays and especially during the summer months, the castle is a popular location for concerts, theater performances and markets. Those who love culture should also stop by Palazzo Civico delle Arti, where temporary art exhibitions have been taking place since 2011 and which houses a collection of archaeological finds from Hellenic times.

From the harbor at the foot of the Old Town, a footpath runs along the coastal road to bathing bay “Baia di Trentova”. With its white sandy beach it is considered Agropoli’s most beautiful bay and is therefore much frequented during the summer months. On blue sky days, you have even got a marvelous view of Capri, Ischia and the Amalfi Coast from there.

From Baia di Trentova, you can follow a nicely laid-out hiking trail to Punta Tresino. The coastal nature reserve stretches as far as Santa Maria di Castellabate. At Punta Tresino, a small headland, you get to enjoy, once more, incomparable panoramas towards the north and the south.

A hinterland steeped in legend
and worth a closer look

An excursion into the hinterland, towards Trentinara and Giungano, does have its charms, especially in summer. Gole di Tremonti, for example, waits to be discovered by hikers. Legend has it that rebellious Spartacus met his death in the gorge. At the mountain villages, you can take part in charming village festivals, such as the Festa della Pana and the Festa dell’antica Pizza cilentana.

By boat
to the Amalfi Coast

When spending your holidays at Agropoli, you get to enjoy a wonderful mix of nature and culture. You might also profit from the town’s excellent infrastructure. As there are boat connections between Agropoli and Amalfi, a day trip to the “Divine Coast” should or could be part of your ‘holiday program’. 

From mid June to mid September, boats of the Travelmar company lie waiting for you at the harbor of Agropoli. In June and September, they head for Amalfi only at the weekends; in July and August, they head for the Amalfi Coast every day.

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